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No One Wants To Remember... No One Wants To Forget!

Frustrated as we all were on that fateful day, Tuesday September II, 2001 will be with us for the rest of our lives. Shocked on that day we all attempted to do what we could. Not knowing what to do or where to donate i.e.: should I give blood, donate money, send clothes and food? We all felt so helpless. Some of us knew what to do. Major rescue and recovery equipment were donated to the workers down at Ground Zero from manufacturers throughout the US. What was left of FDNY needed all the help they could get. Then the manpower came. Not only from New York State, but also from Connecticut, then New Jersey. On the 12th volunteers started coming from every state in this great country. By weeks end volunteers came from England, Ireland, Italy and other countries too numerous to mention. What group of volunteers poured into lower Manhattan in great numbers on the 11th and 12th? They were Volunteer Firefighters and this I wasn’t shocked at when I analyzed the final report from the city. Thank you vollies.

 But years are now behind us and memories are fading. Those children who were in school on that day have now a fading memory of the crying, the great loss of life, the shock and destruction of “the Twins” taken by terrorists. Those children though who have loss someone on that day will never forget.

 No One Wants To Remember... No One Wants To Forget!

I have taken it upon myself to decorate my Dodge Dakota (9/11 Truck Photos) with “9/11 memories” for I feel we must remember September 11th. If we don’t! really believe history ‘will repeat it self. And as a nation we cannot afford the repeat of such a heinous crime. We must be Vigilant, WE MUST REMEMBER. And we must instill this in our children’s mind for if not, at a later date, they will experience the same fate. The acceptance by those who view my truck is very good and personally rewarding. But do receive a lot of inquisitive questions from our older teenage youth. Troubling questions telling me that our youth don’t quite understand the loss we all suffered on that day or why it even happened. What roll did the first responders play? They don’t have a clue. And this is wear it all began. I feel as a volunteer search and rescue firefighter with more volunteer time at Ground Zero than I’d like to remember, my job is not over. T feel I must help those youth never to forget those who lost their lives on Sept 11 and how we all responded in our own way on that day.



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